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Many of us just don’t know that those tiny little reels of film sitting in our parent’s closet and attic are filled with jewels of family history. It has probably been decades since they’ve been seen, but who’s got a screen and projector to show them these days? Also, the film stock deteriorates over time and becomes brittle, the colors fade, and dirt and dust collect on the film damaging it even further. Using our state of the art film transfer process, we can convert your 8mm and Super 8 silent films to DVD for viewing on a TV or computer. All you need to add is the popcorn and it’s like going to the old movies. There’s nothing like the look of 8mm film to bring back the spirit and times of “back in the day”. We can transfer just about any videotape format to DVD. This includes the most popular formats such as VHS, Video 8, Hi8, Digital8, and MiniDV. Your finished DVD will have an opening menu and chapter markers that let you move quickly forward and backwards through the video. With our editing services, we can create custom menus and place as many chapter markers exactly where you want them. Take these family treasures and turn them into digital images that can easily be shared over the internet or copied to CDs and sent to family and friends. You can also have Custom Video Services Reno turn your prints and slides into a slide show with music, titling, and professional effects. Our slide shows have been major hits at family reunions, weddings, and parties.

Custom Video Services Reno provides media conversion and duplication services for both home and business clients. We take your information and memories stored on film, tape, photos and film slides and convert them to DVDs and CDs for easy viewing and long-term preservation.

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Hours Of Operation: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Saturday By Appointment Only
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